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Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 15:11:21 MST writes:

    As a footnote to this, I must say that I just finished creating a piece in
 the style of a space-Prog band, Ozric Tentacles. >>

Wow.. I know that band!

I find it interesting that this is the only reference to the "Prog Rock"
movement I have ever seen on the list (except once when I made a reference to
Roger Dean). Most futurists seem to be into techno and electronic music,
which, while utilizing the latest electronic technology, doesn't employ
advanced harmonies or melodies. It is a wonderful form, but it's like
powerful graphics computers creating fractals and random A-life...
When I think of "Extropic" in terms of the arts, I think of cleverness,
advanced thinking, architecture and structure ... mixing with the latest
technologies too --- "creating order out of chaos"
Progressive Rock went out of style - but so did *listening* to music, and so
did playing instruments! ; - )

In the case of techno music, you are presented with repetitive chaos and your
mind (some suggest with the help of chemical brain stimulation) creates it's
own order...great to dance to. And other things ... but perhaps I am not
listening to the right techno...

Music however, to me, like all the arts, requires intense learning curves and
literacy, To truly interest me, my mind requires more focused music, and
different mental energy than serving up (no matter how enticing and
grooveful) rhythmic repetitions spiked with dubs and clipped buzznotes...
Progressive rock today doesn't get much publicity, and it's too hard for most
people to want to learn ... too complicated for a lot of people to want to
listen to, but it will go down in history as one of the more important
developments of music in the 20th Century. Zappa is going to be remember long
after DJ Spooky is dead...


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