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Subject: [META] CNN article on "Think Mars" petition

From: (Dan Cook)

SANTA BARBARA, California (CNN) -- A group of space enthusiasts are
pushing ahead with a petition calling for a manned flight to the red
planet, undaunted by the failure in recent months of two unmanned
missions to Mars.

The Mars Petition, which sets 2015 as a goal for humans to set foot on
the planet nearest Earth, has received more than 10 thousand electronic
signatures since Think Mars, the Mars Society and other space-related
Web sites launched it earlier this month.

"The target of one million names by November 2000 is well within reach.
This is really catching on," said Justin Talbot-Stern, co-founder of
Think Mars.

Students from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology in greater Boston are the driving force behind Think Mars,
but a high school student from Santa Barbara, California, came up with
the idea of the petition.


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