Hi everyone, and a new music link

From: Emlyn & Jodie on Pentacle (pentacle@enternet.com.au)
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 18:42:36 MST

Hello all, I'm back on the list after a hiatus.

A bit more music is available from our almost, almost, so-damn-close-I-could-just-kill-something album, called PlanetCanaan.com (or maybe www.PlanetCanaan.com would be better). This is of course named after our website, which is close to appearing (a certain domain name registration service is waiting for a certain US dollars cheque to wing its way around the globe).

Oh yeah, so back on track, here's the URL on MP3.com to have a preview. You guys might like "Alive" in particular.


Oh, and I'm thinking of building a coat from working solar collectors (panels? cloth if such a thing exists?). I'm thinking that the finished outfit might power some wearable computing trickery. Mostly it'd be a PR thing for the band & for personal high tech in general (plus I'd get a really freaky solar suit! Ha ha!).

I have made the aquaintance of a *very* good clothes designer who recently has specialized in working with heavy plastic, and who I think would really get into this concept. So it should look pretty cool*. 'Specially if I wear it when riding my electric bicycle (which I do indeed own). On second thoughts, that might just push the geekometer into the red zone.

What I'd like to know is, what's the feasibility of such a garment, and what's it likely to set me back? Ideas, anyone?


*The word "cool" here means cool according to me, which may or may not map onto a more general definition, depending who you ask.

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