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Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 20:33:08 MST

john grigg wrote:

> I don't know you personally Spike but the idea of you being smoldering,
> overdone toast does bother me! :) Confidence is good as long as it is
> well-placed. What I like about Mormon theology is that the vast bulk of
> humanity will be saved in some level of Heaven rather then many ending up in
> a nightmarish Hell with a relative few in Heaven. And also some will go on
> to become divine and create worlds of their own.
> Of course as a Mormon I am on the very real enemies list of evangelicals.
> As I have said before I believe but do not have perfect knowledge and so
> cryonics interests me to "see over the horizon" of future events.

You know from my prior posts, John, that I have the greatest respect
for your Church and your personal belief system. The question, however,
remains as to how one who perceives one's redemption in terms of the
restoration of the pristine human and can take an evidently serious interest
in a form of human transformation in which the means are quintessentially
secular, i.e. technological, and the outcome is an entity that can be
called human only by analogy.

> I was fascinated by the thread about Jesus Christ. I had already read
> various views on his historical origins but still found the discussion to be
> food for thought.

I made one post on this subject which may have given the appearance of
irreverent indifference. In fact, the reality was one of irrelevant indifference.
One need only study any competent text on comparative religion to learn
that the historicity of any founder and the authenticity of various scriptures
is an issue for all religions. One simply cannot weigh the merits of the
various spiritualities in terms of verifiable historicity but strictly in terms of

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