Christ, evangelicals and divine punishments...

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Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 17:44:17 MST

I don't know you personally Spike but the idea of you being smoldering,
overdone toast does bother me! :) Confidence is good as long as it is
well-placed. What I like about Mormon theology is that the vast bulk of
humanity will be saved in some level of Heaven rather then many ending up in
a nightmarish Hell with a relative few in Heaven. And also some will go on
to become divine and create worlds of their own.

Of course as a Mormon I am on the very real enemies list of evangelicals.
As I have said before I believe but do not have perfect knowledge and so
cryonics interests me to "see over the horizon" of future events.

Evmick brought up a good point that in most religious systems the
nonbelievers are seen as lost and sometimes suspect. I studied this in my
sociology of religion class. Of course sociology teaches about the very
human social constructs of religion. I have been reading an excellent book
right now called "Apocalypses" by Eugen Weber. It shows how prophetic
interpretations have changed over the centuries. Of course people judge and
interpret prophetic writings through the lens of the time they come from and
so I do not see this as a disproving of things. The closer we come to
something the better we can see it.

I was fascinated by the thread about Jesus Christ. I had already read
various views on his historical origins but still found the discussion to be
food for thought. I believe Christ to have lived and also to have been
divine but can see how people could contend over his origins. I must do my
own research to see how accurate the posts were of certain people as to the
evidence or lack of regarding him. I find it very hard to believe that a
person could take the view that Christ never even existed. From a
legalistic view at least it would seem very definite that he did.

Of course prayer is seen by some as a means to learn truth from God
regarding who has the truth or at least to gain strength and direction in
life. I don't know if anyone here might pray in one form or another.

Robert talked about a sub-SI that decides to hit the delete key. I think
instead it would go to the game editor feature and decide to get really
creative with things! Time to bring up the major catastrophes menu! :)

best regards,

John Grigg

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