Old-time radio shows and also making one's own audio books...

From: john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 16:32:36 MST

Evmick wrote:
>I'm just a shade too young to remember old time radio..(.but I might >just
>get a few cd's of that too) but from what i understand it was
> >quietentertaining...

As a young boy my mother would plant me in front of the radio to listen to
rebroadcasts of old radio shows. I was entertained on a level that movies
and tv just couldn't do! I remember my favorite being a "Tales from the
Crypt" type show that had my imagination running overtime and looking under
my bed.

Several years ago I also thought that by using the software and hardware
developed for the handicapped one could have a book converted to audio. All
the pieces of the puzzle seem to be there. But would there be a copyright
infringement problem?? I know a fellow at my college who showed me how he
tweaked the Jaws (or was it Dragon?) software to sound like a reasonable
facsimile of a human voice. Before his tweaking it was horrible though!

I love the vast variety of audiobooks out there but the unabridged ones are
SO expensive! Your idea should be done by some enterprising programmer and
I don't see it as a real threat to the slick productions done by the audio
houses that use golden-voiced actors and special effects.

John Grigg
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