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From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 14:30:27 MST

Natasha wrote:
>Yes, I think so. Variations on a theme is in itself creative. Even the
>slightest of variations, the most subtle nuance -- can change a
>perspective and invite an entirely new interpretation. I have been making
>variations on a theme for years -- *evolution.* It's perpetual. I
>evolve as my work evolves as I evolve and the "tools" evolve.

        As a footnote to this, I must say that I just finished creating a piece in
the style of a space-prog band, Ozric Tentacles. Though it is not usually
the kind of music I compose, I did it for the sake of the challenge --to
expand my creative horizons. However, though it is a partial imitation of
that band (stylistically), it still retains a sense of my own style and
creative voice. Style emulation can often be more enjoyable than original
composition, due to the challenge of working within preset limitations.
But the crux is that spending one's life and creative impulses emulating
other styles is the surest route to artistic stagnation. Throughout
history, art styles and periods have lasted single generations at most,
before the artists on the avant-garde became mainstream, thus creating new
styles. Once those styles have been created, other artists create within
the new boundaries, and on and on. What is important to note is that the
propagation of memes (artistic or otherwise) is very necessary for
progress, but it is the constant creation of those memes which breeds that

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