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Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 09:45:16 MST

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> > These people worry me; they are an alliance of extreme nationalist
> > groups who
> > seem to be coordinating with each other, even when their views clash.
> > Racist groups of various racial backgrounds seem to be working together,
> > despite their mutual distaste for each other. They are assimilating
> > Green memes to coordinate with the anti-GM crowd. They have found a
> > common enemy--us & all we stand for.
> Amazing and horrifying. Despite being a fairly close student of politics and
> society, I'd never heard of this group or its ideology, but they fulfill
> EXACTLY the design of my worst nightmare: A populist-aimed blend of racism,
> religion and "naturism". Their hit counters and the feel of their rhetoric
> indicates that they are a very marginal group, but their explicit aim of
> coalition building is exactly the sort of thing that children of the
> Enlightenment need to be watchful of. Thanks for this link . . . you've
> ruined my whole day :-)

I wouldn't worry too much about these guys, if they ever manage
to form some sort of coalition it won't last for very long; they
just hate eachother too much. No, as Eugene pointed out, we
should worry about those things that are the most likely to
kill us, and that's the very technologies that will be needed
for our ascension. Our worst enemy isn't some radical religious
or political group, but naive technophilia.

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