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> Some opposition may be smart, and correct.
> It seems highly unwise to assume that all those who disagree with us
> are stupid or evil. Until we have perfect knowledge of the universe,
> the possibility of our own error must always be considered.

I think Robert Bradbury has responded to this very well, and I usually try
not to offer "me, too" type posts. But since I started these threads, let me
agree that one very valuable result of studying the thinking of people who
don't appear to agree with you is that you WILL find problems - sometimes
fundamental ones - with your own thinking.

Just as much as finding and working to counteract threats to our goals and
values, studying the best articulations of contrary philosophies is likely to
strengthen transhumanism and extropianism by finding real flaws in our
thinking. I think that Max's original notion that the Extropian Principles
is an evolving document - and that it has, in fact evolved - has been very
much a result of just this sort of activity.

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