extropianism as a religion and other thoughts...

From: john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Jan 08 2000 - 05:50:26 MST

Robert Owen wrote:
>[2] As a question for the Legal Department: Suppose "Extropianism" >were
>defined as a "religion"; what protections and advantages would >thisafford
>(at the price of some hypocrisy and double-think)? I am >notreferring to
>mere tax exemptions, but to e.g. the ability of >legislativebodies to
>impose constraints on practice without >violating Church-Stateseparation?

How about a Unitarian-Extropian denominational structure? The Church of Max
More of Present-Day Extropians... :) "According to my beliefs you must let
me have doctor-assisted deanimation before being cryonically suspended!" If
only it were that easy.

Queenmuse wrote:
>Greenpeace and others have their own fight. They have enough trouble
> >keeping the funding going for their organization have probably never
> >heard ofExtoprians, but if they did they'd say - " oh... huh? What a
> >bunch of sillywankers" - and go back to tying themselves to icebergs >in
>front of oiltankers.

Perhaps with all this discussion of Greg's "list of groups whose ideas
extropians partially or totally oppose" we should go a step further. Let's
throw a pie in the face of our opponents starting with Jeremy Rifkin but
make sure the berries in this fruitpie are not genetically tampered with!
Isn't he more deserving then Bill Gates? Seriously, I have to admit I was
impressed by some of the sound advice I read on the topic of the opponents
list by Natasha and Eliezer, to name a few.

Hal wrote:
>It seems highly unwise to assume that all those who disagree with us >are
>stupid or evil. Until we have perfect knowledge of the >universe,the
>possibility of our own error must always be considered.
Error in terms of the technoholocaust Eugene brings up as a possibility? Or
perhaps a stasist view that present biological humanity should be improved
but not transcended? Perhaps God in fact existing and Christ being divine
and returning in glory to set things right?

Eugene Leitl:
Well, call me old-fashioned, but if it kills me, it's wrong. How can we
realistically assess the probability that transhumanism is not
technoholocaust in disguise? The machines to end all mankind?
I thought about this as I read Eliezer's magnum opus (I just had to say that
again!). The Terminator 2 scenario is not a pleasant one.

I admit all the jokes about the Bible has bothered me somewhat though you
have the right to say it certainly. I can see Spike and Rick making jokes
(but eventually repenting of it) if the Christian fundamentalists are right
and all the horrible events of the tribulation come forth. Now that would
not make for a bright, extropian future.


John Grigg

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