Re: Re question on labelling genetically modified foods

From: m (
Date: Sat Jan 08 2000 - 00:29:56 MST

Mr Cocker wrote:
> Give me a nice juicy, plump, ripe, hydroponic
> greenhouse-
> grown genetically engineered tomato any time. And
> it's
> probably more healthful anyway. "Organic" food is
> just
> a consumer scam like premium gasoline--an excuse to
> charge
> more for a product that doesn't have any benefits.

But this is where some of the problem starts!
Some of the GM (or specially bred) varieties are aimed
at looking good after transit, but in the opinion
(right or wrong) of many, they are deficient in
flavour, texture, etc.
Also GM may make something look good, but this is a
separate issues from whether there are harmful
metabolites. I realsie the same applies to natural
varieties and cultivars. Somebody suggested that *all*
foods be labelled with their harmful substances,
natural or artificial, to allow consumres to choose
intelligently. Aye to that!
How about a web site? (If there's not one already).
Michael (hmm.. time for lunch)

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