Re: Re question on labelling genetically modified foods

From: Elizabeth Childs (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 12:41:13 MST

From: Lee Daniel Crocker < (none)>

> ...and you'll have to change your standards for "best" to
> include dirty, shriveled, unappealing produce

This is dependent on where you get it.

I get my produce delivered from a company that only handles organic produce.
About 50% of what they bring me is easily the best I've ever had in my life.
40% is OK, and 10% is crappy looking. *Way* better than Safeway and at
least as good as the conventionally grown produce at the local premium
grocery store.

I wish they'd irradiate it, though.

> Give me a nice juicy, plump, ripe, hydroponic greenhouse-
> grown genetically engineered tomato any time. And it's
> probably more healthful anyway. "Organic" food is just
> a consumer scam like premium gasoline--an excuse to charge
> more for a product that doesn't have any benefits.

My wonderful life extension doctor recommends eating organic. His arguments
are outlined in his book, "Renewal: The Anti-Aging Program," by Dr. Timothy
Smith. There are many pages of references for anyone who wants to check out
the cites themselves.

I haven't done the research on this myself, so I can't vouch for what he

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