Re: extropian enemies lists

From: Michael Wiik (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 07:13:05 MST

I wrote:
> > I'm not a psychologist, but it strikes me as possible that the
> > mainstreaming of certain extropian topics (like uploading) on prime
> > television sort of takes the edge of extropianism, as it were. We're
> > longer cutting-edge. We're not all that 'different' anymore.

Max More replied:
> I find it really bizarre that some are sounding sorry that we are
> our edge". Would they prefer that these ideas remain forever ignored?
> should we now restrict ourselves only to the most far-out
speculations? I
> think we should celebrate where we are, and work on accelerating
> of these technologies and improving understanding of them, while
> to look further ahead than anyone else.

Apologies, I was quoted out of context (just like I did to Max). The
issue of "losing our edge" was a rhetorical device to question whether
the creation of enemies list has a psychological basis in perpetuating
an us vs them attitude.

I've been on this list for several years, and as it seems to me, *this*
is the 'Golden Age' of the extropians list. I rarely have time to post,
but appreciate all those who take the time to write in-depth,
informative, and thought-provoking articles. A cup of coffee and the
daily extropians digest is to me a great way to start the day, energized
and enthused!


Michael Wiik
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