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From: Robert Owen (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 03:54:25 MST

J R Molloy wrote:

> Robert M. Owen wrote,
> >> The edgiest extropian transhumanists reinvent
> >> themselves ever more rapidly. [1]
> >
> >For example?
> Some who asked questions, now answer them (and vice versa).
> Some who acclaimed a technological singularity, now mock it (and vice versa).
> Some who sought control, now engender autopoesis (and vice versa).
> Some who identified problems, now solve them (and vice versa).
> Philosophies of life suddenly become philosophies of Artificial Life.
> Dualism fragments into pancritical rationalism, and veers toward consilience.
> Cyberpunks hijack eurisko, and DNA computer scientists go Hollywood.
> Cryonic suspension morphs to growing cyborgs in the lab, or not.
> Anesthetic offenses numb the best defenses, and techno-art eclipses Picasso.
> Pragmatists transition to visionaries, and go off to build web sites.
> Nextropians re-discover Jorge Luis Borges.
> Cross-pollination in memetic evolution yields creative rebels...
> and I used to subscribe to Progress. Now I re-read Krishnamurti.
> The Transhumanist Times may chronicle much more, and names still don't matter.
> --J. R.

How about that, folks? You ask a question, and you get real

And not only one: my thanks for replies to Eliezer S Yudkowsky
<> and Eugene Leitl <eugene.leitl@lrz.uni->.


[1] The original statement was made by J.R. Molloy.

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