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From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 02:16:58 MST

Robert M. Owen wrote,
>> The edgiest extropian transhumanists reinvent
>> themselves ever more rapidly.
>For example?

Some who asked questions, now answer them (and vice versa).
Some who acclaimed a technological singularity, now mock it (and vice versa).
Some who sought control, now engender autopoesis (and vice versa).
Some who identified problems, now solve them (and vice versa).
Philosophies of life suddenly become philosophies of Artificial Life.
Dualism fragments into pancritical rationalism, and veers toward consilience.
Cyberpunks hijack eurisko, and DNA computer scientists go Hollywood.
Cryonic suspension morphs to growing cyborgs in the lab, or not.
Anesthetic offenses numb the best defenses, and techno-art eclipses Picasso.
Pragmatists transition to visionaries, and go off to build web sites.
Nextropians re-discover Jorge Luis Borges.
Cross-pollination in memetic evolution yields creative rebels...
and I used to subscribe to Progress. Now I re-read Krishnamurti.
The Transhumanist Times may chronicle much more, and names still don't matter.
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