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From: Robert Owen (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 22:03:13 MST

NOTE: This is a reply to a private correspondence I received
from Robert; it bounced, however, using the address that
Robert provided me. I have decided to publically post my
reply, with Robert's message largely deleted.

Robert Bradbury wrote:

> Whether or not we have differences regarding strategies,
> relative tradeoffs, etc. for action in public vs. private
> spheres, I would offer that our public discussion of
> such ideas is probably of benefit...

Dear Robert,

I completely agree. Perhaps it would be well for me to
make a distinction between my sometime intention to
advocate, and at others to test, ideas. My latest post
is of the latter kind: in response to your suggestion that
memetic re-education is required, I found myself thinking
"that is correct", but what would the community need to
DO, be WILLING to do, to actually implement this mission?

This illustrates what I mean by "test"; not the validity,
organizational "fit", feasibility or philosophic virtue, but
RISK AND SACRIFICE for the idea (rather than in effect
referring it back to committee for further study).

Where are the genuine ACTIVISTS in this population --
not polemicists, not opportunists, not wannabes, but
individuals who really want to accomplish something
other than rhetorical victories?

Finally, I want you to believe that however assertively
I may present my current views on directions, approaches,
tactics and strategies, I am in every case most willing
to compromise, or relinquish, as necessary for the success
of our endeavor. I would much rather cooperate with a plan
I am not optimistic about than do nothing. I feel, as you can
sense, disturbed about what I see as a tendency of this group
to lose focus on action* and rather dissipate themselves in
interminable debate, frivolous projects, mind-games or pleasur-
able but irrelevant chat that costs them nothing.

This means that I'm seeking a tough-minded group that will
be known publicly, not as people who desire to live forever,
but as dedicated idealists who fully intend to do precisely that
--despite mindless opposition, ridicule, personal risk and
daunting trials.



*I include under the rubric of "action" the onerously difficult and
incredibly exhausting work of formulating doctrine that meets
the highest possible intellectual standards.
Robert M. Owen
The Orion Institute
57 W. Morgan Street
Brevard, NC 28712-3659 USA

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