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From: Ziana Astralos (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 17:30:13 MST

--- Max More <> wrote:
> .....
> I'm encouraged to see ideas long discussed by
> Extropians finding their way into mass-market
> publications. This means that *some* of our ideas
> are becoming at least heard in the mainstream. But
> our bag of ideas is very full, with plenty not yet
> heard.
> .....
> I find it really bizarre that some are sounding
> sorry that we are "losing our edge". Would they
> prefer that these ideas remain forever ignored? Or
> should we now restrict ourselves only to the most
> far-out speculations? I think we should celebrate
> where we are, and work on accelerating acceptance
> of these technologies and improving understanding of
> them, while continuing to look further ahead than
> anyone else.

I agree entirely. If gradual acceptance by the
'mainstream' of these technologies and concepts does
not occur, then I don't see that they'll do much good
for mankind as a whole.... I'm most certainly all for
progress in these directions of any kind, but if we
(the THist/E/Sist/whatever other distinctions you want
to make) don't end up benefiting 'the masses' - or at
least making our *options* widely available, if not
widely used...which would depend on their choice,
after all - eventually, then (in my opinion) it seems
to me that the 'elitist' factor will become a
disturbing part of TH/E-ism. It seems to me that one
of the most important things which needs to take place
is people (the 'general public', if you will)
becoming, if not fully comfortable with, then at least
used to our technologies/concepts. (At least in my
book) mainstream acceptance is a *very, very* good
thing. (Maybe one day the TH/E-ists will, instead of
the minority, be the majority! Wouldn't that be
wonderful!!) :)
(And, of course, all this is only my opinions.)

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