Re: question on labelling genetically modified foods

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 08:00:46 MST

From: Michael Wiik <>

>I admit I am not current on the relative safety of genetically
>modified foods or WTO policies. I just read the 'Frightened
>Villagers at the Gate: "Frankenfoods" as a Front' feature on the
>Transhumanist Times, and don't quite understand the opposition to
>mandatory labelling of GM foods, especially as I understand the
>WTO policies act to limit labelling.

Having read the same article, I have the same questions. There are
two basic kinds of GM foods, those that are created to enhance
nutrition (micronutrient rice) and benefit consumers directly, and
those designed to rake in profits for agribusiness by dumping huge
quantities of pesticides into the enviroment. (roundup soybeans)

It easy to understand why agribusiness opposes mandatory labeling,
their products will be unpopular with consumers any fail

>So I can support mandatory labelling of GM foods -- even if
>they're totally safe -- even if I am generally opposed to
>mandatory anything -- just as a balance against organizations
>working to prohibit labelling.

Are they safe? Corporations have limited liability remember.

>Given the situation, why is this un-extropian?

Nothing un-extropian that I can see, the paternalistic attitude
that "We know better than you" is un-extropian.


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