Re: DNS error?

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 13:36:30 MST

Robert Bradbury writes:

> Gentlemen, come on. I case you haven't looked inside a computer
> lately, most of them still have a single fan on the processor
> and a single power supply. The same is true for almost all of
> the routers on the net. In my experience over the years of
> managing dozens of systems, these components do break frequently
> enough to cause systems to be down for days until replacement
> parts can be found or new systems are installed.
Redundant DNS setup is one of most basic architectures there
is. Triple-redundancy is pretty common these days.

> Until everything is redundant and replicated, these problems will
> occur. Now, since the problem is "unable to resolve target system
> name", the problem may not be with at all, but the nameserver
> for the system.

Yes, DNS is notoriously broken.

> Since the nameserver for refuses queries for the
> domain, this sounds more like a configuration problem than a
> hardware problem.
DNS is distributed. "Parallel system: where you can't get any work
done because a machine you've never heard of has crashed".

> R.

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