Re: Politics and Extropianism/Transhumanism

Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 11:01:22 MST

On Politics and Transhumanism,

     Politics is really the way large groups of humans interact as
communities. While transhumanism is not a political movement, it is true
that some people may see the need or utility of getting involved in politics
to advance the hopes and dreams of transhumanism. Some will do this as
independents, others by trying to introduce transhumanist thought and values
into already established groups, and some will feel the need to come together
as a group to place issues of concern to transhumanism into the public eye.
The people in this last group will naturally want to identify their party as
inspired and guided by transhumanist principles, though by no means will they
be representative of the entirety of transhumanist thought.

     I think that transhumanism has a lot to offer people, that is why I have
been spreading the word about transhumanism at work, in my region, and among
my family. It is a chance to bring transhumanism to people who have not yet
been exposed to it, and get good feedback in the process. To bring it into
the life of the community, I encourage people to use the method of
association they feel most comfortable with, whether it be independently, as
part of the current establishment, or as part of a new "transhumanist"
movement. Just remember, transhumanism is more than politics.

Glen Finney

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