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From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 05:07:02 MST writes:

> Close readers of the list will know that I am one of the most vocal and
> consistent worriers about opposition to transhumanism. Ruminating (some
> might say obsessing) about this over the holiday, I've decided that a more
> systematic approach to concern about sources of opposition to our ideals and
> goals is necessary. To this end, I've begun work on a website in which I
> will collect links to groups and resources that appear to present a current
> or potential threat to the transhumanist agenda.

A good idea. It might be useful to add more information on which memes
each group promotes that are counter-transhumanistic, although this is maybe
the second step after compiling a good starting list of anti-progress

I have been planning to make an opposition page for a long time, with
links to transhumanism-critical pages and my (or others')
comments/refutations/acknowledgements to them. However, this is
broader and more relevant on a "strategic" level.

I wonder if enemies of progress is the right term really. The view
that we are making progress is also criticized severely within much of
postmodern thought, but most of it doesn't seem to belong on the
list. Perhaps a better definition of who/what should be on the list is
that they are moving against science, technology, reason and human

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