Unity (was: Message to Members...)

From: DNAhawker@aol.com
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 00:10:59 MST

>Over the years, Extropians that have stepped up to the plate
>to volunteer and lend their support for various projects
>and initiatives, whether 'extropian' or 'transhumanist'.
>In the local groups, interactions between extropians and
>other transhumanists are lively, friendly, and invigorating.

Without leaning too far in one direction I might ask why you use the word
"volunteer?" Extropians didn't accidentally drop a few seeds of knowledge,
they worked to plant and cultivate seeds. Just go to a conference or read a

Likewise, and with as much rattle, you stress an oxymoron by phrasing
'Extropian' or 'transhumanist'? What local group you are pushing here or
politicizing under the coat? Neoclassicist transhumanists? Unity means
single - same.

Sounds like you ate a jelly bean.


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