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From: Randy Smith (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 20:32:28 MST

>Theprinciple of self-ownsership certainly implies to me the right of >a
>sane person to choose the time and manner of her own death.

Quite so.

And has anyone else noticed the near-giddy attitude of the major news media
toward the possibilities of the future and the promise of future medical
technology? I refer to recent lengthy year-end features in the major print
news mags (Time et al.).
Reading those mags lately I almost feel as if I am reading Omni, or
something of that sort.

How long will it be before they (Time et al.) come a-knocking on the
Extropian/transhumanist door, and this time without a smirk?
When they do, don't forget assisted suicide as a plank in the Extropian
"platform." This idea is already seen favorably by over 50% or thereabouts
of the US public. It's a natural.

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