I missed the party...

From: john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 19:58:20 MST

Hello from the year 2000!,

I didn't have access to the net over the holiday and so missed out and
responding to the online email celebration here! I really enjoyed going
over the many posts which were introspective and joyful.

Max More wrote:
>It came! We survived! And we flashed our joyous colors here and >throughout
>the world. Round numbers aide, what a wonderful day, to >see everyone
>celebrating being alive.

>Let's do our best to be around in another thousand years in some form >to
>continue celebrating life, day by day. Now it starts to get
> >*interesting*.

>Merry Millennium.

It is a mind-boggling thought that when the year 3000 gets here some of us,
in fact many of us, may still be around to share our thoughts and dreams.
The final line was the best, "now it starts to get *interesting*."

I liked how Skye Howard put it...
>Hee hee... my hopes we'll all be seeing each other
>*next* millenium;) Whether uploaded, immortal, robotic
>or otherwise.

It will make for quite a New Year's Eve party! Every few hours Natasha will
be changing her form to outdo herself. :)

Though the new millennium does not start quite Yet (lol!) I feel the
excitement that has permeated our society. And I have expanded my horizons
by being in the company of people such as the Extropians.


John Grigg

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