Lycos Excludes Libertarians On Vote 2000 Political Site

From: Matthew Gaylor (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 15:28:46 MST

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[Note from Matthew Gaylor: I've been an Internet freedom activist for
years. In the course of my activism and communications with individuals
around the world, I'm constantly amazed about the power the Internet brings
to the average individual. I read with interest Declan McCullagh's
announcement that Lycos launched a Vote 2000 political site. Upon visiting
the site I was disappointed to find that the site didn't list any
Libertarian [Harry Browne's site ], Natural
Law, Green, or any other third parties other than a small mention of a
couple of Reform party candidates. On the right side of the Lycos Vote
2000 political web page are the party mascots of the Democratic Donkey and
the Republican Elephant. How can this be interpreted as anything other
than a not too subliminal message endorsing only bi-partisanship. If you
think this need remedied, I encourage you to contact Lycos, Declan
McCullagh <> and John Milne <> and
ask them to cover all third parties and to at least not engage in
bi-partisan deck stacking.]

Subject: FC: Lycos launches Vote 2000 political site
Posted to the Polittech mailing list by Declan McCullagh <>
Politech is at

Subject: FC: Lycos launches Vote 2000 political site
Posted to the Polittech mailing list by Declan McCullagh <>
Politech is at


[I will be involved with Lycos' vote2000, which is a sponsor of the New
Hampshire presidential debates. Our first events will be this Wednesday and
Thursday (more info below). --Declan]



WALTHAM, Mass.--January 3, 2000--Lycos, Inc. (NASDAQ LCOS), one of the
most visited Web destinations in the world, today announced the launch
of Vote 2000, a comprehensive Web destination for all things politics in
the year 2000. Located in Lycos News (, Vote
2000 offers 24 hour news feeds from Wired News and Reuters, providing
local, state and national election information, plus election 2000
coverage and in-depth news and analysis from, a leading online
magazine. Lycos will also host and moderate chats during and immediately
following the Democratic and Republican New Hampshire primary debates.

Users can pose questions to political journalists Declan McCullagh, chief
Washington correspondent for Lycos, Inc.'s Wired News and John Milne,
senior editor of, and continue interactive debates online
with other users at Lycos Vote
2000 will also provide links to Aprisma Management Technology, allowing
Lycos users to watch the New Hampshire presidential primary debates via
RealAudio/Video Webcasts and participate in real-time polling, during
the debates on, a Sirius Media product.

Lycos News Vote 2000 is a sponsor of the New Hampshire Democratic and
Republican presidential debates. Peter Jennings, anchor and senior editor
of ABC's "World News Tonight," will moderate the New Hampshire Democratic
primary debate between Bill Bradley and Al Gore on Wednesday, January
5, 2000 at 7 p.m. (EST). Political reporter Tim Russert, of "Meet the
Press," and Washington bureau chief of NBC News, will moderate the New
Hampshire Republican primary debate featuring Republican presidential
candidates Gary Bauer, George W. Bush, Steve Forbes, Orrin Hatch, Alan
Keyes and John McCain, on Thursday, January 6, 2000, at 7 p.m. (EST).
Both debates will feature questions from a panel of journalists and open
discussions among the candidates.

Lycos News Vote 2000 also includes links to candidate profiles and
political issues at the forefront of the U.S. presidential election,
as well as links to congressional, state and local government officials
and representatives. From Lycos News Vote 2000, users will have access to
political chats, clubs and message boards throughout the Lycos Network,
allowing them to discuss political issues, news and commentary with
other online users.

"Obviously, the Internet is playing an increasingly important role in
campaign politics--if not for the candidates themselves, then certainly
for the growing number of "Net-connected voters," said veteran print
journalist George Shirk, editor in chief of Lycos Network News and
Lycos' Wired News. "As a major portal whose home is the Internet itself,
Lycos News, Wired News and Vote 2000 pledge to maintain an informative
and useful campaign resource throughout the campaigns."

About Lycos Founded in 1995, Lycos, Inc. is a leading Web media company
and owner of the Lycos Network, one of the most visited hubs on the
Internet reaching nearly one out of every two Web users. The Lycos
Network is a unified set of Web sites that attracts a diverse audience
by offering a variety of services, including leading Web navigation
resources, homepage building and other Web community services and a
comprehensive shopping center. The Lycos Network is composed of premium
sites, Tripod, WhoWhere, Angelfire, MailCity, HotBot, HotWired,
Wired News, Webmonkey,, Sonique, and (, "Your Personal Internet Guide," is
dedicated to helping each individual user locate, retrieve and manage
information tailored to his or her personal interests. Headquartered near
Boston in Waltham, Mass., Lycos, Inc. is a global Internet leader with
a major presence throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America.


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