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From: Ian Goddard (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 13:21:05 MST

At 09:22 AM 01/03/2000 +0000, Peter James wrote:
>Almost a year ago Ian Goddard wrote a convincing update on the TWA 800
>downing. I was at a party yesterday, talking to a 747 freight pilot, and
>discovered he knew a great deal about the TWa 800 saga as he had taken a
>deep interest in it.

  IAN: The sad thing is that, while the missile
  theory is strong inside the aviation industry,
  almost nobody will talk about it in public.
  They know all too well what happens to people
  who do. The cover-up will probably succeed
  by shear intimidation. An eyewitness who had
  been interviewed by the FBI and who lives on
  the LI shore recently spoke out, but observed:

"I watched the negative official and press reaction
to the reports by Mr. Salinger which more accurately
describe my observations. I have reasoned that if
Mr. Salinger, who is a former prestigious government
official, could be treated so poorly, what is in store
for me if I speak out. I am concerned for my security
and fear Government reprisal against me for what I
have seen." See

  Early on I said that the abuse of Pierre Salinger,
  James Sanders, and of myself by both the major
  media and the government served primarily to send
  a message to those who may want to speak up, that
  if you do speak, you'll be sorry. The testimony
  above confirmed that theory, since the abuse did
  intimidate a witness with something important to
  say. A witness I spoke to said that the others
  with him don't want to speak about what they saw

>He said also that had there really been the remotest suspicion of a problem
>causing the fuel tank to have exploded, every single 747 throughout the
>world would have been grounded instantly until the problem was either
>proven, and then rectified on every plane, or established to be unfounded.
>This was not the case. Not one single 747 anywhere was grounded for checks.
>Why not?

  IAN: They did check wires on many 747s under
  the pretext that frayed wires may have caused
  the fuel tank to explode. However, nobody at
  the NTSB has been able to explain how wires
  outside the tank could ignite vapors inside
  the tank. The NTSB simulated the alleged
  ignition by placing an igniter inside a
  mock-up tank, and even then, to get it to
  explode they had to add hydrogen and propane
  to the Jet A1 fuel! Clearly, the relationship
  of the NTSB's test to reality is about zero.



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