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From: Peter James (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 02:22:53 MST

Almost a year ago Ian Goddard wrote a convincing update on the TWA 800
downing. I was at a party yesterday, talking to a 747 freight pilot, and
discovered he knew a great deal about the TWa 800 saga as he had taken a
deep interest in it.

He claimed he had seen (and regretted not photocopying at the time) a report
by one of the on-site investigators, showing a seat in the row where the
apparent missile hit, had clearly been blown upwards through the roof by an
explosion directly beneath it. This seat was a considerable distance away
from where the supposed fuel tank blast could have affected it and lends
very strong credence to the missile hit.

He said also that had there really been the remotest suspicion of a problem
causing the fuel tank to have exploded, every single 747 throughout the
world would have been grounded instantly until the problem was either
proven, and then rectified on every plane, or established to be unfounded.
This was not the case. Not one single 747 anywhere was grounded for checks.
Why not?

He said without a shadow of doubt in his mind and in the mind of many other
commecial pilots that it was a huge cover up by the US government too
embarrassed to dare to admit in that their navy had shot a civilian airliner
down in error with a practice missile.

It is one more small piece of weight in a very compelling argument.


Peter James

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> > DISAPPEARED NEWS - THE ORWELLIAN NIGHTMARE > > One of the more disturbing issues surrounding the > TWA Flight 800 crash has been the claims made by > some people that on the night of the crash they > saw reports on TV that confirmed a missile hit, > yet the reports apparently disappeared into an > Orwellian black hole. NOW a news cameraman has > spilled-the-beans on one of these disappeared > TV reports, indicating that what people have > been saying they saw on TV really was on TV. > > Full story: > > > ************************************************************ > Visit Ian Williams Goddard ------> > ------------------------------------------------------------ > (+) Something can come from nothing, if, and only if, (-) > (-) that something is equal to nothing ((-)+(+) = 0). (+) > ____________________________________________________________ > "[I]n any closed universe the negative gravitational energy > cancels the energy of matter exactly. The total energy, or > equivalently the total mass, is precisely equal to zero." > > - + - + Dr. Alan Guth (The Inflationary Universe) + - + - > > >

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