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From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Date: Sun Jan 02 2000 - 20:23:02 MST

> Robert Wasley wrote:
> However, when Greg Burch wrote:
> >I've decided that a more systematic approach to concern about sources
> >of opposition to our ideals and
> >goals is necessary. To this end, I've begun work on a website in which I
> >will collect links to groups and resources that appear to present a current
> >or potential threat to the transhumanist agenda.
> This gave me pause to reconsider. This is the Vice President of the
> Extropy Institute whom I assume has leadership support for this
> announcement.

Once again, I don't get it. Why is talking about threats, the simple
common-sense fact that we're going to run into opposition, synonymous
with elitism? I agree that potential opposition should be tracked,
although I don't believe that such lists should be published on the Web.
 I also believe that we should avoid apprising the potential opposition
of our existence, which would kineticize their potential. We should not
directly oppose any who do not directly oppose us; we are not in the
business of conducting subscription drives for Greenpeace.

> Eliezer Yudkowsky in quite correct in his response to Robert Owen's
> note that we exist in a political environment. Of course. Any
> relationship between people is in the broadest sense political, but
> this different. Even so, it is unclear what the opposition is. Already
> people are buying into the program in many ways and values are
> changing. All I can see is that some do not feel things are going fast
> enough. This is "youth" talking.

Speaking on behalf of all youth, everywhere in the Universe, let me say
that my four grandparents are alive, and I would very much like them to
still be alive at such time as I finally take out Death. If you wish
that things were slower, be aware that you are wishing for one hundred
and fifty thousand deaths for every day of delay.

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