Enemy of my enemy? Maybe Pokemon isn't so bad after all

From: James Ganong (JGanong@webtv.net)
Date: Sun Jan 02 2000 - 14:32:17 MST

 Angry at Pokemon
by Steve Johnson
Uri Geller, a performer who pretends to have psychic powers, is
threatening a $100 million lawsuit over the Pokemon charactr Kadabra,
according to the New York Post.
Geller, whose stage act includes pretending to bend spoons with the
power of his mind, says that Kadabra, a Pokemon character who carries a
spoon and injures his opponents with a psychic attack, is based on him.
Kadabra is known in Japan as "Un Geller," the Post reported.
Geller first became aware of the similarity when visiting the Pokemon
Center in Tokyo, a shopping center specializing in Pokemon products.
Geller was mobbed by admirers, then discovered that they were interested
in him because of the Pokemon character, not his own reputation.
No word yet on whether Jackie Chan or the estate of Bruce Lee will be
suing over Pokemon characters Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee
-- The New York Pos

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