Re: My Extropian new millenium soundtrack

From: D.den Otter (
Date: Sun Jan 02 2000 - 06:24:23 MST

> Suggestions?

Million Miles From Home by Dune
Rainbow In The Sky by DJ Paul Elstak
Revolution by KMFDM
Power by KMFDM
Electronic Pleasure by N-Trance
Starship Race by Touch el Arab
Set The World On Fire by E-Type
Until The End by E-Type
Success by 3-O-Matic
Silence by Solar Eclipse
Sunshine On Tokyo by Shell Shock
Infinity by Datura & Usura
Ride On A Meteorite by Antares
We Are The World by Twenty 4 Seven
Close Your Eyes by Mega'lo Mania
Larger Than Life by The Backstreet Boys
Wave by Sosa
Flow Over Knowledge by Signum
Temple Of Dreams by Messiah
Music Of The Future by L.U.S.T.

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