Re: [isml] Re: Differences between clones baffles science

From: Robert Wasley (
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 18:37:56 MST

Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> This is not as much as a "Duh!" as you think. It is was currently
> that DNA defines an animal's appearance and much of its personality.
> clones had identical DNA and different egg cells. The egg cells were
> thought to be empty containers to hold the DNA. Now that the animals look
> and act different, it appears that DNA is not the end-all blueprint that
> thought it was. Apparently, much of the animals definition comes from
> non-DNA sources.
> This throws much of our assumptions about genetics out the window. It
> that characteristics of children come from the parents via other
> in addition to DNA. It means that a complete mapping of human DNA genome
> still won't give us complete control over a child's characteristics.
> Scanning fetal DNA won't be able to detect all birth defects, or even all
> birth defects inherited from the parents.

I would be very interested in details regarding the differences in the
appearance and behavior of the cloned animal since this is the first I have
heard of it. In previous experiements with genetically duplicate colonies of
mice they found some were right handed other left handed. However, it would
seem to me that it "throws out" the assumptions. More over, I would be
hesitant is drawing conclusion regarding heritable behavior between animals
and humans. My belief is that what distinguishes us from animals is the lack
of genetically inheriated behavior. Just look at the very wide variations
of behavior among humans, then compare that with a chimp. Sure there are
differences among troops of chimps, but most revolve the very narrow range
of eating patterns.
> This is a major problem for genetics and biology. We have to develop an
> extension to genetics that track trait inheritance outside of DNA. This
> also is a problem for cloning replacement organs. What if we get an exact
> DNA match, and the organs are still rejected by the body as being alien?
> --
Has research begun to reveal a possible problem here? Yes, environment has
long been know to contribute to the final out come, but in this case it
would should be easy to control.


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