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"The Plan to Singularity", or PtS for short, is a vision of how to reach
the Singularity using open-source Artificial Intelligence development to
spark the creation of an AI industry. PtS describes the technological
timeline leading up to Singularity; discusses strategy including
developmental, organizational, and memetic issues; and estimates how
much it will cost to get started.

Assuming we get started soon, the target date is 2010.

Welcome to the millennium.


Table of Contents:

      Purpose [2K]
      Guide to Contents [3K]
      Table of Contents [0K]
      1: Vision [4K]
            1.1: Open-sourcing an AI architecture [4K]
            1.2: Creating an AI industry [9K]
            1.3: Spreading the right memes [3K]
            1.4: Starting a Singularity Institute [3K]
            1.5: Dealing with opposition [4K]
            1.6: Protecting the IT industry [4K]
      2: Technology [2K]
            2.1: Component technologies
                  2.1.1: The "Aicore" line [10K]
                  2.1.2: The "Flare" line [9K]
            2.2: Technological timeline
                  2.2.1: Flare Zero [5K]
                  2.2.2: Aicore One ("Chrystalyn") [7K]
                  2.2.3: Flare One [6K]
                  2.2.4: Symmetric Multiprocessing and Parallelism [3K]
                  2.2.5: Flare Two [4K]
                  2.2.6: Aicore Two [3K]
                  2.2.7: Planetary AI Pool [3K]
                  2.2.8: Scalable software [3K]
                  2.2.9: Self-optimizing compiler [5K]
                  2.2.10: Adaptive hardware utilization [2K]
                  2.2.11: Aicore Three [5K]
                  2.2.12: Ubiquitous AI [5K]
                  2.2.13: Elisson [4K]
                  2.2.14: Transcendence [7K]
      3: Strategy
            3.1: Development strategy
                  3.1.1: Development resources [11K]
                  3.1.2: Development timeline [8K]
                  3.1.3: Open-source strategy [3K]
                  3.1.4: Designing an open-source community [8K]
                  3.1.5: Keeping the timeline on-track [5K]
                  3.1.6: Dealing with blocking patents [16K]
                  3.1.7: Opportunities for profit [5K]
            3.2: The Singularity Institute
                  3.2.1: Institute timeline [7K]
                  3.2.2: Nonprofit status [4K]
                  3.2.3: Funding, grants, and donations [12K]
                  3.2.4: Leadership strategy [10K]
                  3.2.5: The open organization [6K]
                  3.2.6: The Board of Directors [4K]
                  3.2.7: Volunteers: Good or bad? [5K]
            3.3: Memetics strategy
                  3.3.1: Memetics timeline [7K]
                  3.3.2: Meme propagation and first-step documents [16K]
                  3.3.3: Emotions of transhumanism [7K]
                  3.3.4: Content and audiences [6K]
            3.4: Research strategy
                  3.4.1: Fundamental research [4K]
                  3.4.2: Supporting research [4K]
            3.5: Miscellaneous
                  3.5.1: Building a solid operation [10K]
                  3.5.2: Accelerating the right applications [3K]
                  3.5.3: If nanotech comes first [28K]
      4: Initiation
            4.1: Development initiation [10K]
            4.2: Institute initiation [5K]
            4.3: Memetics initiation [2K]
      Appendix A: Navigation
            A.1: Principles of navigation [8K]
            A.2: CRNS Time [4K]
            A.3: Deadlines [6K]
            A.4: IA and AI [4K]
      Acknowledgements [2K]
      Version History [1K]

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