Re: SOC: 2000: The Conservative Reaction

From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Sun Jan 02 2000 - 11:05:47 MST

Greg Burch wrote:

>I urge anyone who does not believe that we face a difficult and protracted
>conflict with those who would impose limits on our ability to transcend the
>human animal to take a moment to listen to that arch-conservative, Prince
>Charles, in his "millenium message" available at the BBC's web site:

        Thanks Greg.

        This is indeed a grave reminder of some of the disgusting mindsets which
we will have to compete against to attain our desire for perpetual
progress. Instead of lauding the possibilities of our future, Charles (and
many other similar "important" figures) promotes caution and skepticism
over scientific advances, and ridicules optimism in favour of spiritual
hope and faith in nature. It is disturbing --though not surprising-- to
hear such figures talking about setting limits and "going with the grain of
nature" as if we humans ourselves are unnatural.

        However, in every matter there will be some who agree vehemently with one
view, and others who disagree. Prince Charles (and those like him) will
not be the one who determines our future. Judging by the past ten years
(and arguably, the past three) the progress of science and technology is
advancing faster than the mindsets against it, and although such mindsets
do present a legitimate threat to our progress, there will always be enough
scientific minds to counter those dated memes.

        Greg, something you once said to me at Extro-3 has always rung true: if we
can't do it on this planet, we'll simply have to find another. I look
forward to the day when I can set foot upon the first extropian planet and
say "I'm finally home."

        But until then, we have to strive...

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