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Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 00:33:04 MST

Thanks for the 411 -- I guess DC is exempt because we are evil!


At 7:25 PM -0500 12/31/99, Anders Sandberg wrote:
>Don't believe the CNN transmissions - they are being falsified. After
>the rapture emptied many television studios they were manned by the
>angels. The streets here are filled with angels and demons fighting it
>out for the souls of the screaming humans. The sky has fallen, there
>are survivalists fighting wormwood-wielding archangels and demons
>dragging screa<ming swedes down into the sewers. They have all set up
>a massive disinformation campaign to delude the rest of the
>world. Fortunately they doesn't understand the net. Look out the
>millennium is coming!
>Anders Sandberg Towards Ascension!
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