No prostrate cancer for some extropes (was Re: Optimism [Was: flame wars])

From: Brett Paatsch (
Date: Tue Jul 22 2003 - 10:15:42 MDT

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    Damien notes - in a post of another title:

    A Melbourne study has found that frequent masturbation
    may protect men against prostate cancer.

    [Bryan Moss]
    > > >> I say the following with complete confidence:

    [Robert Bradbury]
    > Hmmm... I think we need an extropian definition for "hubris"
    > that goes significantly beyond that which I may (on rare
    > occasions) [ sic ] demonstrate.

    I can understand why people accuse me of hubris....

    By the standards of most people, I have to be way way
     into the upper tail of the distribution of hubris.


    So heres another Baysian problem whats the probability
    of an extropian male getting prostate cancer?

    - Anon :-)

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