Re: FWD (SPAM) Solve your woman problems forever

From: Benoît Mussche (
Date: Tue Jul 15 2003 - 10:05:20 MDT

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    On Tuesday 15 July 2003 20:51, Rafal Smigrodzki wrote:

    > > If my ISP starts to charge even one extra eurocent per mail i'll be
    > > reluctant and feel less free to send emails to anyone.
    > ### But why do keep thinking about the ISP levying charges - it's you, not
    > the service provider, who is supposed to charge people for receiving their
    > email.

    That is unacceptable as well. I don't really understand on which basis i
    should start charging some people to read their email and not others. Af for
    spammers can always hide behind the appearance of a new correspondent
    contacting me for any reason. And like my judeo-christian culture taught me,
    better let a guilty escape [my spam filter] than kill an innocent [genuine

    Benoît Mussche

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