Re: Taking Children Seriously

From: Steve Davies (
Date: Sat Jul 12 2003 - 04:26:04 MDT

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    > (Hal Finney) writes:
    >>Deutsch also links to an organization, Taking Children Seriously,
    >>, dedicated to the principle that "it is
    >>possible and desirable to bring up children entirely without doing things
    >>to them against their will, or making them do things against their will,
    >>and that they are entitled to the same rights, respect and control over
    >>their lives as adults."
    > I found this site quite interesting. I was surprised at the degree to
    >which they are able to use a Popperian approach to conclude that popular
    >dogmas about children are cruel.

    The person behind this organisation (Sarah Fitz-Claridge) has a link to her
    own personal website from the TCS site. She's got quite a lot about
    extropianism (cryonics etc), or did the last time I looked which wasn't that
    long ago. She and Frances Kendall (a South African libertarian) are the
    only people who have really tried to think about a libertarian approach to
    children and child-rearing in recent times. You'll notice the strong
    influence, besides Popper, of Godwin. He's an interesting philosopher who
    doesn't get a lot of coverage these days - he's best known as Shelley's
    Steve Davies

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