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Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 17:56:19 MDT

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    > On Wed, 11 Jun 2003 15:05:16 +1000, Damien Broderick
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    > > That's not really hard to do in Denver.
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    > > Surely people in Denver don't think that way.
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    > > Damien Broderick
    > Yep. Somebody wasn't reading with brain engaged.

    I just had not read the original post and stupidly assumed Amara was
    describing a recent experience in europe... my bad.

    > Long ago my friends reported a marked hitching difference between
    > even Boulder, CO and Denver, CO. Boulder they found to be easy,
    > Denver hard. I don't know how they or their pickers-uppers were
    > dressed.

    Back in 1990 I picked up a hitchhiker north of Santa Fe on the
    interstate headed north. She was looking to get into Denver. She had
    said that Denver is hell on hitchers. Part of it is the cops, who shake
    down hitchers frequently looking for illegals or drug mules. The route
    north from Juarez to Denver is a prime drug pipeline, especially meth
    at that time.

    > I think hitch-hiking in the US is largely out of fashion these days--
    > there's a bourgeois sentiment that only crazy people hitch or pick
    > people up (and there has been for decades). If jitneys (ad hoc ride
    > sharing/loosely licensed taxis) were legal, there might be some
    > social pressure in the other direction.

    I once met a fellow who dressed up as a Catholic priest when he hitched
    because it was the only way to get rides without standing around for
    hours (yes, I picked him up hitching).

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