Re: [Iraq] The real reason for the war

Date: Sun Jun 08 2003 - 09:30:09 MDT

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    In a message dated 6/7/2003 6:58:37 PM Central Standard Time, writes: Demonizing those who you disagree with is so convenient, isn't it?
    Yet it does nothing to address the issues. I've posted my analysis of the
    situation, the evidence which supports that analysis, and the proposals for
    future action that arise from it. All you've posted here are insults, distortions
    of the views of others, and vague opinions which you have yet to back up.

           I have never tried to demonise you. You are in a tough spot. However
    your concrete proposals are nothing but the rehashed proposals I can find in
    any column by a left wing columnist -- more love, more foreign aid. You also
    speak of more firmness in refusing to support despots. Uncle Sugar is to be
    all things to all people and to speak harshly only when you approve ahead of
           I offer no vast plans to correct the worlds ills as we elected a
    government to do exactlly that. So far they seem to have been exceedingly
    borebearing but highly effective when they decided to act.
           I don't try to prove to you the obvious -- we have an old principle in
    English Common Law that we need not be so objective that we require proof
    that the sun rises in the morning. I will not attempt to prove simple matters
    like the occurance of sunrise.
           Basically I regard this discussion as a waste of the Internet. The
    provocation for our conduct is plain. We were provoked many times before we
    responded. We responded effectively and quickly. In our overall plan of
    eliminating Al Qaeda we have seemingly moved on to our next strategic goal -- as soon
    as things clarify a bit more you will find out what it was.
           Personally, I wish you, your family, especially any left in egypt
    peace and health.
    Ron h

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