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From: Terry W. Colvin (fortean1@mindspring.com)
Date: Wed Jun 04 2003 - 22:56:50 MDT

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    In a much longer entry someone said:

    >One popular assertion is that "Many phenomena that were once thought
    >to be paranormal have been shown to have normal explanations." This
    >is invalid because it's uncontrolled the same criticism can
    >be applied to many discoveries in other well-accepted scientific

    And here is my problem with this essay. Give an example. The writer says
    over and over about how this or that is or is not done in other
    disciplines. I wish the writer would give an example. I think radiation
    would probably provide valid examples, because people truly did not know
    what they had. Also an example of the psi that has been done and
    replicated over and over would help clarify the writer's point of
    view. This writer builds a nice staircase the only problem is the writer
    provides no support. As a skeptic I want a good example that I can study
    and review. The writer refers to people that have done work but the writer
    does not say this study done at this time in this place. I have to admit
    that I might have missed such an example because I kind of scanned certain
    portions of this long long essay. I think the writer could have done a
    better job if instead of using psi, the writer had used radiation or
    genetics. Particle physics would probably provide many such examples. As
    this writer takes skeptics to task, the writer provides skeptics with

    Jim R Feliciano

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