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From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 20:46:57 MDT

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    Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote,
    > Harvey? Like, over here, bud.

    In my non-VR posts, I did mention that there were some exceptions on this
    list. You are one of them.

    I need to find time to work my way through all your publications. I have
    big plans to extrapolate security processes to future technologies. Besides
    the obvious confidentiality, loss-prevention, and keeping bad guys out,
    security encompasses concepts like integrity, availability, reliability,
    trust, recoverability, safety, predictability, performance,
    understandability, accountability, auditability, accessibility, etc. It
    very well may be that "friendliness" is one of the aspects of technology
    that need to be engineered along with all these other factors. I would love
    to investigate this to see how well your "friendliness" meshes with various
    other controlling aspects of technology.

    Unfortunately, I now have more time but less money than a couple of years

    I have been contacted privately by a number of individuals working on secret
    little projects that could use a little security advice. I now have no
    doubt that a lot of things are happening with various individuals. They
    just aren't obvious on this list. (Why is that?) I am currently
    brainstorming ways to tie my favorite career of security professional into
    future technology on a more proactive basis. I have already worked with
    many of our groups on incident response or with some ad-hoc advice. I would
    like to make some more substantial contributions on a more regular basis.

    My definition of security is "control". Not in the sense of blocking people
    or information, but in the sense of making things do what you want.
    Steering a space-ship reliability, testing a new drug safely, making a
    computer not crash, making networks robust, building an AI that won't
    enslave us, making a banking system that protects privacy, making government
    systems that don't exploit people, designing a communication system clearer
    than text e-mail, making a telescope see better, making wearable easier to
    use, making death recoverable, avoiding natural disasters, spellchecking my
    e-mail before I send it, all fall under my ideas about security. (If
    anybody has a better word for this all-encompassing view of security, I
    would love to hear it. "Usability" is the least-awkward term I can think of
    right now.)

    Anyway, I haven't overlooked SIAI. I just haven't gotten to you yet....

    Harvey Newstrom, CISSP, IAM, GSEC, IBMCP
    <> <>

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