Re: The good ship Extro 1

Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 18:53:09 MDT

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    I have just purchased it through paypal, along with 500 tonnes of sand to
    cover the deck and a few palm trees in really big pots to scatter around. It was
    an impulse purchase, So please don't tell my wife.

    Im just going to search ebay for some magnolia paint to cheer it up a bit.
    Any guesses how many pots I will need?


    Afterthought: Robert, this scenario could make a great book. A mismatched
    band of nerds and techies take to the seas in search of scientific freedom. In a
    decommissioned Warship.
    What do you think ? :o)

    In a message dated 01/06/03 20:03:55 GMT Daylight Time,

    > Pls note, for the small amount of $4.5M, we can purchase an Ex-aircraft
    > carrier (not so sure why it is "ex") and have the "Extro 1", the first
    > Extropian "enclave". [Since we would probably have to dig deep into our
    > pockets to purchase something like even one F/A-18 Hornet maybe its good
    > that its "ex"]. With interest rates so low we could probably pool our
    > resources and get a loan to cover most of the cost.
    > Imagine days of lying in the sun out on the deck, bungee jumping off of
    > end of the deck, etc. Nights we could crank up our 30 inch telescopes
    > (why have just one with so much deck space available?) and do survey
    > searches for MBrains. Perhaps we could earn enough money to pay
    > the mortgage on the ship by simply leasing telescope time to amateur
    > astronomers who want to observe things but don't want the hassle
    > of building & maintaining a telescope or who live in cities where it
    > simply isn't practical. We could set up a complete molecular biology
    > research laboratory (I've got the equipment) and thumb our collective
    > noses at restrictive cloning regulations or proprietary patents.
    > For further info see:
    > or
    > tid=186
    > If we pooled our collective talents we might even be able to convert
    > the oil boilers to solar boilers and significantly lower the fuel
    > costs of navigation (to avoid hurricanes, etc.).
    > Most importantly we can reduce list traffic because we can all just
    > lie around and talk to each other at a somewhat higher bandwidth.
    > Robert

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