RE: Cryonics and uploading as leaps of faith? (was Re: Uploaded Omnisciience)

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Sun Jun 29 2003 - 00:34:24 MDT

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    At 10:56 PM 6/28/03 -0700, Lee wrote:

    >If all the questions are oriented around *action*, then
    >either you will upload or you will not. Either you will
    >sacrifice yourself for your duplicate or you will not.

    Quite so. `Sacrifice' is it, exactly.

    >But I
    >also claim that people's beliefs would (and perhaps
    >will) alter dramatically after they've known a few
    >duplicates. When every one of their intuitions is
    >telling them "this really is the same person", the
    >older view will collapse.

    I agree that this delusion will become common, because operationally, from
    the outside, you *will* be dealing with the same person (or an improved
    version), and the duplicates, from the inside, will recall the same
    memories as the original. That's built in to the premise.

    >"I still think that all you
    >are zombies", the old guy will say, "all this teleporting
    >and duplicating and what not".

    Only if he's an idiot. Obviously exact duplicates are *not* zombies, any
    more than new children are zombies. The only real question is whether you
    will *sacrifice yourself for your duplicate*. Many people on this list,
    ironically enough, have enough Rand in their memetic substrate that they
    regard the idea of self-sacrifice as noxious and wicked.

    You think I'm begging the question, of course. I think I'm pinpointing it.

    Damien Broderick

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