Protesters swarm Calif. biotech meeting

From: Brett Paatsch (
Date: Sun Jun 22 2003 - 23:21:02 MDT

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    I still remember working with some IT folk that
    seemed pretty bright, but were surprised to learn
    that every day they'd been eating DNA !!

    Even the vegans.


    Protesters swarm Calif. biotech meeting

    " SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Hundreds of protesters
    descended on city streets Sunday as agriculture officials
    from around the world prepared for a meeting where
    U.S. officials will pitch advances in genetically
    engineered agriculture.

    Chanting, banging drums and carrying signs that read
    "We Don't Want to Eat Their Corporate Creations,"
    protesters swarmed the streets around the state Capitol
    and nearby conference center."


    - Brett Paatsch

    Perhaps labelling all foods containing DNA *would*
    raise levels of awareness in the community. One way
    or another :-)

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