The Aesthetic Imperative & the "long boom" comeuppance

From: Randy S (
Date: Thu Jun 19 2003 - 13:37:12 MDT

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    Fascinating article about how the changing job-scape:

    Revealing quote:

    "For several years afterward, Florida queried audiences, asking which career
    they'd choose: machinist with higher pay and job security, or hairstylist
    with lower pay and no job security. "Time and again, most people chose the
    hair salon, and always for the same reasons" - flexibility, freedom from
    supervision, stimulation, creativity, and the immediate satisfaction of their
    customers. The aesthetic imperative has spread new economy values beyond just
    knowledge workers."

    With the death of the IT boom, I wonder how many programmers and engineers
    might be tempted to opt for the hairstylist job instead?

    And this provides a semi-seque to my ideas about where opportunity may lie
    for Westerners if the outsourcing and race to the bottom dynamics continue:
    immigration reciprocity may provide a place for small time American business
    people to immigration at least temporarily overseas to 3rd world countries
    where their savings would afford them much more ability to operate a business.

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