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Date: Wed Jun 18 2003 - 01:15:21 MDT

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    I think the MENSA people are more diversified when it comes to extropian principles and beliefs than extropians are. To be mensan, all You need is to qualify by taking an IQ test (and get better result than 98% of the general population of your age) - i think this is the reason that i have observed that we have mensans with all sorts of opinions and beliefs, some of them are definetly not extropic in any way whatsoever. Some of them are, of course, but on average they sort of tend to reflect more or less the general population. Mensans generally think fast - but not neccesarily right ;-) - however, a mensan with a hobby is usually quite knowledgable and quite into his/her hobby. Mensa experts tend to know most relations and properties of their field of expertise.

    Anyway - mensa is a great place to go looking for skilled people who are fast-thinking too, they (at least in Danish mensa) have lists of members and their professional skills, as well as their hobbies. So if You need a sharp something, and have no clue where to find him/her.. you go look in the members database and call him/her up. ( if you are a member - the database is not accessible outside of mensa Denmark ). I would expect other national mensas to have similar databases.

    When i think of it - i'm quite sure more than 98% of the readers of this list are members of mensa or similar club ( 4-sigma, mega society, triple nine etc. etc.)

    P.S. whenever a mensan speaks about mensa and mensans it is his own personal view of the organization, and not an official view of the organization in any way, shape or from.

    British mensa

    list of national mensa's

    Dennis ( member of Danish mensa, btw. which i would suspect a few on this list could be or are too)

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      There is another organisation which is fairly similar to the extropians. It is MENSA. One can join (subject to that all-important IQ, of course), and, similarly, discuss matters of religion, politics, ethics and logic, as well as special interest groups for sci-fi., bird-watching or whatever. ... AR

      Alex, did the Mensa list get all tripped up over the war too? spike

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