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Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 14:21:45 MDT

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    On 6/16/2003, Ron h. wrote:
    >>You have a much more basic question to address: what makes you
    >>think you can do anything like a "Buffet type investigation"? I'm quite
    >>that he has not completely revealed his investigation strategy. Look at
    >>the vast
    >>numbers of traders who try to copy Buffet and fail. How do you know you
    >>succeed where they have failed?
    > First, I do not have the the investigative power of Mr. Buffet. But
    >perhaps do I have sufficient investigative power to do the task I set
    > I have been studying to prepare for pursuing my goals. These days
    >there seems to be enough information published to determine at what price a
    >particular stock would be worth risking my money.

    I don't see how you could judge that there is enough info published, and
    even if
    it were true you have to judge that you are much better and more rational at
    analyzing that information that the other traders out there. Unless you have a
    good reason for thinking this, you are the fool at the poker table.

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