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J. Daugherty wrote:
> The increase in gun shot wounds occured in the US during the same period that gun laws became steadily more restrictive. Hard to see any correlation in variables here. The variables that increased during this period were the welfare state and the War on Drugs. Destruction of the African American family also occured during this period. Now 70% of African American children are born out of wedlock and the now the "White" illegitimacy rate is skyrocketing also. America had very low gun shot wou
Mike responds:
The high gunshot wound rates, as well as all the shooting going on
around the house now, is entierely due the education establishment
exiling gun safety education from the school system. it used to be an
established part of the school system with classes, workshops on gun
rapair, and shooting teams, in rifle, trap, skeet, etc. Now, nobody gets
sufficient safety training and spends zero time in an environement where
peer pressure helps reinforce respect for guns and their safe handling,
unless it is a family tradition. You've got all sorts of idiots who are
functionally illiterate with respect to guns trying to exercise their
rights, but dont know a muzzle from a receiver.
> The American welfare state is especially adept at destroying families. I'll bet welfare is handled differently in European socialism. Or maybe the difference lies in greater social cohesion because of fewer minority groups? Or less intense pursuit of the War on Drugs? Perhaps the American tax system that encourage Suburban sprawl leaving the underclass fighting among themselves in abandoned inner cities?
> > From:
> > Max M writes:
> >
> > > How come then that you in the states have twice the amount of gunshot
> > > killings, then we do here in Denmark where privately owned guns are
> > > illegal?
> From:
> James Daugherty, volunteer Postmaster for A-albionic Research

James, why do your messages never word wrap? Its a royal pain to try to
quote them as the lines are hugely long, not to mention trying to read


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