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Mon, 30 Dec 1996 11:19:21 +0100

Hara Ra <> wrote:

>J. de Lyser wrote:
>> subject: implanting of plant cell tissue capable of fotosynthesis under the
>> human skin, to decrease the human dependence on his evironment.

>Clothing works better, in that if I became a Green Man, I'd have to wear
>transparent clothing. The heat loss by radiation and convection would
>more than offset the photosynthetic advantage.

This has been suggested in one of the earlier replies. The whole planthuman
idea was meant more as biological addition to the 'normal' technological
transformation ideas that are alive among transhumans. In this case 'skin'
may also be replaced by 'exoskeleton'. This would avoid the risks of ripping
the clothing. Unlike many others i do not present 'THE SOLUTION', just an
extra option to consider...

>Why not implant microwave antenna subcutaneously - enough power to drive
>the body would then be easily received.

how ?

> Then's there is using a wall
>plug and local storage, so one recharges during sleep...

what if there are no wall plugs around ?

>Or just upload to a robot body...

I thought the whole thranshuman idea was to increase ones options, not to
decrease them, providing just ONE alternative...

Personally i feel that a combination of energy providing mechanisms, will
decrease any theorethical posthumans dependence on any one of the means to
power one of those mechanisms. I wouldn't think of removing my digestive
system. Unless there was another more efficient way available to convert
organic tissue into energy.

J. de Lyser

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