Re: Sex and genetics or fun by default (was) Re: guidelines/ethics
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 09:42:37 -0500

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> << sex is pleasurable by default for men, but
> not for women. >>
> Not true

You mean it would always be fun, even if the guy only lasts three
seconds? Or should I have emphasised the 'by default'?

It is psychological, his "lasting" or not, usually...and it could be fun, if
that was what the woman 'got off on"... and besides, is that "fun" for the
In most cases, I think it would be humiliating unless his partner is really
trustworthy and loving.

Whoever made that post made a sweeping statement that took nothing into
account except possibly equating the physical default of relative easiness of
clitoral vs. penile orgasm during a (forced?) missionary position. Orgasm is
not the sum total of sexual "fun", in fact for some men it is something to be
avoided for while.... Tantric experts can avoid it altogether and they still
have "fun".

And it is also (to the grins of many women I am sure) making the assumption
that (among other things), women will be choosing men as their partners...

What I am saying is that this kind of blanket statement is never true or
objective, only someones' subjective view, and a narrow one.